Out of the suitcase

hey hey hey -  a lazy sunday? NO! lift yourself off the couch, get out, fight the snow and come visit PEBELLE at the TINGELTANGEL fleamarket today.
I will be selling my Vintage goodies (this time i bring some rad early 90's Western outfits) and my grandmother's leather case full of TIGHTS, SOCKS and LEGGINGS.

I wouldn't miss out on this chance if I was you.



The world in Black and White

For everyone that thinks tie dye is always a matter of rainbow colours, I can assure you: this point of view is wrong. Tie dye doesn't necessarily have to have this blotchy-patchy look of the 70's but can contain of fine patterns, that  enrich your fantasy.

I have recently published a sneak peak of the new series of knee high socks I did on Facebook. Soon after I was at an art event and received a lovely "review" of my work quoting that the design looks like muscles and nerves..... funny enough I often compared it with an x-ray mself, I was very touched and proud that my work triggers thoughts of interpretation.

So, as you can see tie dye and black/white are no enemies.
They can add something to one another.
Cheers, good night.


SLURP - a good coffee is all it needs

 News from Pebelle

Pebelle was silent for a while.
Mainly cause I'm building  something new for you:
  • a new logo (which you can already see up there)
  • a new website (coming soon)
  • a new collection of stunning tie dyes
 Stay updated cause March is going to be a busy month for Pebelle

I will participate in a big art event, where I show a fashion performance- all I can say for now is that it will include sexy guitars, a rocking chair and knitting needles.... just wait and see.

Pebelle will pop up to be shopped every weekend, which city and shop will be announced soon.

And last but not least: My old collections will be online for a permanent sale on Dawanda I haven't used this shops for a while, but I was asked why I'm not selling online anymore, so here we go. Coming soon.

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