Pebelle pops up @ The Fox House, Vienna

image by toni tramezzini

The Fox House is a new creative meeting point for DJ's, artists, photographs and fashionistas and will host a lot of various projects in the next year.
Right now it's close to it's opening evening on Thursday, 1st of December-
one month it will be a comfortable area to hang out, have a drink, listen to good music and shop for fashion or photography.

Right after the motto: "Whatever you do, don't be another brick in the wall"

Pebelle's got the honour to be one of the participating designers and showcase a brandnew work series of scarfs, tights and bodywear.
But an absolute newcomer will be the unique jersey cardigans plus a very limited stock of air corded sarouel pants, both for men and woman.

There's also the chance to shop for a very limited sale series of the Pebelle "peephole bags". They're fairly produced out of recycled british newspapers, with a small handle to carry and a peephole to glimpse a surprise pair of tights. And with a nice price too.

The Fox House
Westbahnstrasse 11-13, 1070 Vienna
Every thursday to saturday, starting on 1st of December- open: 4 pm- 9 pm


Das Fox House
ist eine neuer Treffpunkt für DJ's, Künstler, Fotografen und Fashionistas und wird im kommenden Jahr eine Menge netter Projekte beherbergen.
Es befindet sich gerade kurz vor seinen Eröffnungsabend am 1. Dezember und bietet einen komfortablen Platz zum Abhängen, was zu trinken, gute Musik zu hören und nach Mode und Fotorafien zu stöbern.

Gemäß nach dem Motto: " Whatever you do, don't be another brick in the wall".

Pebelle hat die Ehre eine der teilnehmenden Designer zu sein und eine komplett neue Arbeitsserie an Schals, Strumphosen und Unterwäsche zu zeigen.
Die absoluten Newcomer werden unikate Jersey Cardigans sein, sowie sehr limitierte Sarouelhosen mit Biesen, beides jeweils für Männer und Frauen.

Ausserdem gibt es die Chance eine ebenfalls limitierte Sale Serie von den Pebelle "peephole bags" zu kaufen. Sie sind fair aus recycelten englischen Zeitungen produziert, mit einem kleinen Tragegriff versehen und bieten ein Guckloch um einen Blick auf die Überraschungsstrumpfhose werfen zu können. Und das für einen guten Preis.

The Fox House
Westbahnstrasse 11-13, 1070 Wien

Jeden Donnerstag - Samstag, ab 1.12- geöffnet von 16-21 Uhr.

image by pebelle


Making of laundrette

We went through a good wash.

Laundrette: Waschsalon Sven Högn
Laundry: Pebelle /Stylist's own
Model: Constanzia Delort-Laval/Wiener Models
Styling, Concept: Lily Feledy
MakeUp/Hair: Shlomit Migay
Photography: Michele Pauty
Making of Images by Lily Feledy


Pebelle @Schuhbelle & Art Up

Right before the christmas shopping weeks start a new bunch of Pebelle items has hit the shops Schuhbelle (Frankfurt, Germany) and Art Up (Vienna, Austria).

Schuhbelle ist stocked with blue and black versions of Pebelle Microfibre tights.

Art Up has a selection of silk/cotton scarfs, organic cotton socks and Microfibre tights in multiple colours.

Check it out.



As usual London's ahead.
And so, in August to be precise, the first Vintage department store, BLITZ, opened it's doors to the public.
And how I was surprised to see my ex-boss, John Howlin, beeing the mastermind of this unique project.

Spread up in 5 rooms you can shop for brands such as Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood, check out the home accessoiries or furniture, flick through books or get a record you always wanted to have.
Or take a break in the Blitz Cafe, which serves you a premium espresso served from one half of a converted Fiat.

Check out their blog or go there directly!

Wie immer ist London uns voraus.
Und so hat, im August um genau zu sein, das erste Vintage Kaufhaus, BLITZ, seine Pforten geöffnet.
Und wie überrascht ich war zu sehen, dass mein Ex-Boss, John Howlin, der Mastermind hinter diesem einzigartigen Projekt ist.
Aufgeteilt auf 5 Räume kann man hier Marken wie Alexander McQueen orVivienne Westwood und andere Vintage Klamotten kaufen, die Wohnaccessoires und Möbel auskundschaften, durch Bücher blättern oder die ein-und andere Platte ergattern, die man schon immer wollte.
Oder auch eine Pause im Blitz Cafe machen, das einem leckeren Espresso aus der Hälfte eines umgebauten Fiats serviert.

Blog ansehen oder selbst hingehen lohnt sich!

Größere Kartenansicht


Music, skirts, wine and life

I spent last week in London, where I literally did nothing else but live like a vampire. If I managed to leave the house at all it was after dark. All I did was eating, sleeping, reading, writing, sketching and listening to calm music. And I really enjoyed this bunch of time for myself.

Oh yes, I left the house during the day, either to meet my friend and photographer Richard Kelly for some good food and creative exchange (futurse surprise) or once to check out the brilliant area around Brick Lane and sniff some Vintage flair on a Sunday.

And I went to see wonderful Mister William Fitzsimmons in a Pub in Camden. I never saw him live before and was really impressed, no wonder he calms you down just by listening to him. As a former psychotherapist and with very personal songs about his childhood and other relations he manages to touch everyones soul.
Not less impressive was his supporting act Scott Matthew.

Afterwards we were so pumped up with emotions we just had to share this two bottles of wine. And somewhere in between I even managed to exchange a few lines with W.Fitzsimmons. He's such a nice guy!

For this occation I wore the skirt I had on the runway in September, as I am way too small it was obviously pretty wet from the damp London pavements in the end.

A glimpse on these two gentlemen that made this evening so perfect:


Foam Amsterdam presents new talents

FOAM Amsterdam presents the future of the photography museum "What's next?" between 5th of Nov and 7th of Dez.
"Four concepts, four guest curators, four visionary presentations and one museum in which they all come together."

Amongst the guest curators is Jefferson Hack, founder of the edgy british magazine Dazed&Confused, that is well worth checking out if you don't know it yet.
His presentation is titled "Photography as image" and shows two large scale-sculptures entitled "mother sculpture" and "rise sculpture"- the first one to represent work of photographers that have worked with his magazine for years. The other one to present new talent.

And I am so happy that my London based friend Alexa is amongst those "new talents" and that I could see her face when she found out, which luckily happend during my stay in London.

So if you live close by or pay a visit to that wonderful city you should defintely pass by the museum and take a look at it.


Costumes for Euripides "Medea"

Yesterday "Medea" had it's premiere at Vienna's Theater Spielraum located in the former Erika Kino.

Check out the costumes made by Pebelle!

To get your tickets klick HERE!

Yesterday "Medea" had it's premiere at Vienna's Theater Spielraum located in the former Erika Kino.

Check out the costumes made by Pebelle!

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