Eternalized in a fashion book - a big honor!

Long time ago I was asked if I want my work to be featured in a fashion book showing the 100 best contemporary fashion designers. Would I say no?

The Spanish edition of "Los 100 mejores diseñadores de moda contemporáneos" by Paz Diman is in my hands now and I am proud to say that my work has been featured along big designers such as Walter van der Beirendonck and Maison Martin Margiela.

This is somthing to be proud of. The work featuerd in that book is my series "A forest", where I play with the concept of camouflage. Nature is one of my main sources of inspiration, so I tried making it possible for a person to get invisible in the woods by wearing my items. And it worked.

Here's the images, made by Michele Pauty.

And here you can order the book


Pebelle on Instagramm

A couple of months ago I started with an instagramm account. First I ony used it for private shots to share with the extended family all over the world, but I soon realized how fast you can also share your working life and the development of designs.
I still prefer my old Polaroid but Instagramm's fastness of sharing inspirations, moments and things you love tops my love for oldskool work.
Tune into my account and see what's going on: #pebellesinstagramm


the new website

voila, my new website is online

working on it was time consuming - one of the reasons for my lack of updates on the blog.
this will change now, a lot has happened, a lot needs to be on display and told.

as my website is still a work in progress not all of it is done yet. the pebelle online shop is still in the works and will be live in about 2 weeks. there will be a properly updated press section coming and last but not least you will have the chance to see all videos that ever featured designs by pebelle.

stay tuned.


Fancy tights

Some examples of how Pebelle tights can be rocked out in public.
Don't be hesistant, mix and match as you feel.
My soon to be launched website and webshop will offer a wide range of choices.


Ozeania - Glimpse from the underwater shoot with Pebelle items

The underwater shoot of Pebelle items by fotografer Marlene Rahmann went in its second round this Saturday. Here are some images from the set that I took.


Pebelle's show sound is Song of the Day

I am happy to work with talented Caleb Kylander of The Jamborines - he creates the perfect sounds for realizing my visions. It is the second time working with him for Pebelle fashion performances and so it makes me even happier that the song  Manners we used for the performance "Till Death Do Us Part"  was voted to be the "Song of the Day" on Austrian's Top Music Blog Audioheidi

If you wanna check out more of this talented band, you don't have to wait much longer - the song will be part of their upcoming album, set to be released in November 2013. Watch out for the festival season, as these guys hit quite a couple of stages this spring/summer.

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Pebelle x The Jamborines - a fashion performance @Kunsthalle Wien, MQ for Early Birds

"Till Death Do Us Part" - a view on the wedding vows and what lies beneath swearing to love someone untill the bitter end. A 4min performance, underlined by the great sound of the up and coming band "The Jamborines" plays with the aesthetics of a classical marriage ceremony but at the same time shows where, according to the wedding vows the end of it all lies: Death. Love beyond death, does it exist? Or was the classic wedding vow a backdoor that the church kept, so you are free to go along once your partner died. Don't young lovers believe in a love that last for an eternity wich includes death?
In Mexican culture death is nothing to be feared, so it is also nothing that divides people. During death day all beloved that had passed away come back for one night and celebrate amongst the living.
Our wedding performance plays with all these sides - ceremonies, love, joy, death - the bride and groom with classical sugar skull make up, the priest that unites the couple but also represents death.

One review even described the performance as a furneral procession!

It was a blast, it was amazing. And it made me happy to be doing what I am doing.

I wanna thank everyone involved in this project!

Art Conception, Costumes: Pebelle
Music: The Jamborines (Caleb Kylander)
Bride: Elena Shirin
Groom: Karl Diwisch (Karl der Schöne)
Priest: Caleb Kylander
4 Bridesmaides, Souls: Vasilena Gankovska, Petra Andjelkovic, Kristina Kölblinger, Lisa Fertner
Make Up: Jolien Hackett (Tatendrang), Shlomit Migay

Images: Charo Centurion

Early Birds: Maria Krasa, Florian Scheck

To get a feel of the sound that was composed and performed by The Jamborines singer Caleb Kylander, here you can listen to that great piece of music:

Images of that performance are here and if you want to see more check out my Facebook fan page:

Here is a video of the fantastic event:

  Kunsthalle Wien x EARLY BIRDS from J'aime Julien on Vimeo.


Out of the suitcase

hey hey hey -  a lazy sunday? NO! lift yourself off the couch, get out, fight the snow and come visit PEBELLE at the TINGELTANGEL fleamarket today.
I will be selling my Vintage goodies (this time i bring some rad early 90's Western outfits) and my grandmother's leather case full of TIGHTS, SOCKS and LEGGINGS.

I wouldn't miss out on this chance if I was you.



The world in Black and White

For everyone that thinks tie dye is always a matter of rainbow colours, I can assure you: this point of view is wrong. Tie dye doesn't necessarily have to have this blotchy-patchy look of the 70's but can contain of fine patterns, that  enrich your fantasy.

I have recently published a sneak peak of the new series of knee high socks I did on Facebook. Soon after I was at an art event and received a lovely "review" of my work quoting that the design looks like muscles and nerves..... funny enough I often compared it with an x-ray mself, I was very touched and proud that my work triggers thoughts of interpretation.

So, as you can see tie dye and black/white are no enemies.
They can add something to one another.
Cheers, good night.


SLURP - a good coffee is all it needs

 News from Pebelle

Pebelle was silent for a while.
Mainly cause I'm building  something new for you:
  • a new logo (which you can already see up there)
  • a new website (coming soon)
  • a new collection of stunning tie dyes
 Stay updated cause March is going to be a busy month for Pebelle

I will participate in a big art event, where I show a fashion performance- all I can say for now is that it will include sexy guitars, a rocking chair and knitting needles.... just wait and see.

Pebelle will pop up to be shopped every weekend, which city and shop will be announced soon.

And last but not least: My old collections will be online for a permanent sale on Dawanda I haven't used this shops for a while, but I was asked why I'm not selling online anymore, so here we go. Coming soon.

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