Pebelle goes Berlin

Look careful in the next days if you live in Berlin.

There's a Pebelle trunk filled with textiles going round town- you might be the lucky one to be caught in your neighbourhood.
If so, grab a piece of Pebelle, put it on and get your picture taken in.


And one last time...

So. it was finally aired. Here are some images of Tara sporting a Pebelle Top in the latest episode of True Blood.

©HBO 2011


True Blood fashion news

HBO starts putting out more and more teasers for the upcoming epsiode, this newest one finally shows a nice full frontal view on the top I did for Tara Thornton.

Here's the clip so you can see yourself:

Interview Swimwear collection

Here's a little German interview I did for Heute.at



Love from Lucywood

Here's a lovely image I recently recieved from "Lucywood".

Florian in his Pebelle dyed T-Shirt on a beach in Andalusia, beautiful scenery!



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