Pebelle Swimwear- now available online!

Finally- the new Edition of Swimwear is out and ready to be purchased on my homepage

here's the link to get the full view on all available items:


Photographer: Michele Pauty
Make up / Hair: Shlomit Migay
Model: Nathalie @ Stella Models
Styling assistence: Lili Feledy


Little red riding hood

A wonderful silk fabric dyed by Pebelle for Photographer Josef Weiland- who then send me this wonderful image!


Tom Jamborine in Pebelle

Picture by Rudi Coradi

Spotted at the Festival des Planches in the french part of Switzerland!
The Jamborines rock the stage and drummer Tom showed off his Pebelle T-Shirt.
I recently created a fine series of Tees for the whole band. See here.



The Rainbow Valley Show

Thursday was a good day- it was the day my friend and painter PauldeFlorian did his degree at the academy of fine arts, Vienna.

His rainbow valley show, based on the movie "Rainbow valley" from 1935 with John Wayne.
Paul used images from the movie and topped them up with colours- colours were a strong theme within the dialougs of that movie but opposed to the fact that it was in the black/white movie area.

The rainbow valley show itself played with the aesthetics of cowboy themes paired with the rainbow coloured bandanas used in the 80s, when gays weren't so out in the open and had to use colour codes.

All in all the diploma was a successfull and here are some images of the performance that took place in between his wonderful paintings.

You might find the odd Pebelle tank top too.


Frankfurt this Saturday!

This Saturday, June 18th, the Open Air Modefestival is taking place @Schuhbelle in Frankfurt!
As you all know my label is stocked there too so I can only reccomend to go there
and view all the new goodies they have.

Showtime will be at 3 pm and 6 pm.

If the postal service won't let me down the lovely owners will proudly present
socks from the Pebelle Le Boudoir series too.

Cross your fingers!

Here's how to get there:

Größere Kartenansicht


Cockaigne d'Irt

In the context of the 11th festival for fashion and photography, Thomas van der Jeught and Marianne Vlaschits will build an installation made out of togas- exactly the ones that were used for the dance film "Cockaigne d'Or".
This textile sculpture will topped up with exotic fruits and other goodies - expanding the room and your senses.

Vienna's Samstag Shop will host the screening of the movie tomorrow, starting at 19h-
be there!

If you can't live without "attending" the event on Facebook_ here we go

Here's the trailer:


Aren't we all Bowerbirds?

All images by Alexander Nussbaumer

As you might remember I have recently created costumes for the performance "Bowerbirds" of Viennese artist Marianne Vlaschits and her partner in crime Swedish artist Michael Bäckström.

The performance took place within the performance series 'Synaptic Driver' in collaboration with the Wiener Art Foundation at the Donaufestival Krems.

Here are the final images of the performance, where you get a good impression of the Pebelle costume design as well.

For this performance I created to full Bodysuits made out of Spandex material, dyed according to the colour schema the artists had within their works.
I've added net lace attachments on the neckline to create a bit of a birdy impression without taking the artist's free moving space.

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