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Skip, Austria's cinema magazine, features a jumper from Pebelle-
they're unisex and single pieces only.

In Vienna Samstag Shop in 1040 sells them but they're also available upon request.

Check them out!


Outfit of the Day

I was a very lucky girl today stumbling upon this lady!

That's why I chose it to be my outfit of the day, this lady just made me smile.
Not because I laughed ABOUT her but because her own unique way showed some creativity and obviously the " I don't care what you think about me"-Attitude impressed me a lot.

The tie dye dress obviously made me look- but the thing that really impressed me:
The HAT!!!
Made out of a blue plastic Ikea Bag, with a fine scarf wrapped around and a dandelion stuck inside to give it a floral note.

It took me a while sneaking around her to take that image.


Pebelle Sale @Das Wiener Zimmer

Pic by Michele Pauty

Pebelle as a guest at the Wiener Zimmer Showroom day!
Socks from thenew work series "Le Boudoir" and a sale of other fine as ohthttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=2216838306281330245er fine and unique hosiery can be purchased and admired within in the wonderful location of the Wiener Zimmer.
Smell the breeze of "Le Boudoir" and check out my new designs.
Buy if you want to but you're also welcome if you wanna have a chat or take a photo.

Saturday June 18th
12 pm -14 pm

Das Wiener Zimmer Showroom
Hintzerstrasse 4
1030 Wien

Pebelle ist zu Gast beim Wiener Zimmer Showroom Tag!
Teile der neuen Arbeitsserie "Le Boudoir" und ein Sale von anderen feinen Strumpfwaren können in der einzigartigen Atmosphäre des Wiener Zimmers erworben und bewundert werden.
Schnuppert mal Boudoir Luft und macht Euch einen Eindruck meiner neuesten Designs.
Kauft, wenn Ihr Lust habt, aber kommt auch wenn Ihr in Dialog treten oder Fotos machen wollt.

Samstag 18.Juni
12-14 Uhr

Das Wiener Zimmer Showroom
Hintzerstrasse 4
1030 Wien

And here's how to get there.

Größere Kartenansicht


Agent Lover and Pebelle- the past and the present

Agentlover.com Teaser AND Pleaser from Agent Lover on Vimeo.

One of the first people that recognized my work and wanted to do an interview was Marie, the founder of the quirky blog AGENT LOVER .

This was two years ago and a lot has changed, but Marie and I are still in touch. Another reason to make my way back to Los Angeles at some point.
If you're interested in this old blurbs of mine go to the interview.

Yesterday I received a lovely email with images that show her rocking a pair of Pebelle tights matched with a stunning dress. Of course I want to share it with the rest of the world, so here she is.


Bowerbirds, a preview

There's still a huge ammount of images to be sorted through the two artists, Marianne Vlaschits and Michael Bäckström, told me.
But I managed to get ahold of some little snapshots to give you a little preview of how the costumes & performance looked like.

Soon to be more, enjoy!

Fotos: Alexander Nussbaumer
& Wiener Art Foundation


Tara Thornton in Pebelle

I said it alreay but will say it again untill the new season of HBO's True Blood will be out and about- then u can force me to shut the fuck up.

I had the honour to create a series of tops to be used within the new season, so far I have a def. fix for Tara to be wearing one in episode 5- let's all cross our fingers that there will be use for more of them. I love the series so it is a special heart-interest for me to be able to participate in this tiny little appearance.
So if you haven't seen it yet, here's a still of the bit that is showing so far!
Premiere: 26th of June, HBO


Fancy!!! Pebelle tie dye tights

Wonderful London based curator Polly just recently posted her beloved Pebelle tights on Fancy.

This is how I stumbled across this page- how could I have missed that so far. This is a perfect source for me and the best place to show off my favourite items too.

I do collect unique vintage items and as I'm an active fleamarket-shopper since more or less 20(!) years now I have a reasonable collection at home.
The only problem: I do go out too rarely to be able to show all my items to the world - so why not show it to the www?
Alright, I know, this is kind of sad but I am a busy bee with a bad work/life balance (seamless), so without www I'd be lost.

So here's Fancy- check it out.


Here comes the Jamborines

The Jamborines

Settled within the beautiful french part of Switzerland the Jamborines have set sail to conquer the world- and with their ambition and coolness I'm sure they will find success.

Winning the Coca Cola Band Contest in Lausanne, Switzerland last year, these busy guys are in the process of throwing out there first album "Tales of broken afternoons".

I personally feel attached to this guys as we share a little history: we've both started at about the same time and the singer and I have exchanged our news about our ongoing "outcome" with our projects.

So somehow it wasn't far off that I have just recently produced a series of T-Shirts.
Here's glimpse on how they look like-

Apart from that a little video of one of their stage appearances:

If you want to get to know more of their music check their Myspace page of join the Facebook site.


Overdressed and Underfucked

You do sure remember her from one of my fellowship posts (La vita é bella).
Madame Serenissima, one of my biggest fans and rude girl of Viennese's party scene was seen last weekend with a very nice interpretation of Pebelle tights: she just chopped them off & used them with suspenders


The outfit just simply rocks- that's why it needs to be shown to all of you.

It also needs mentioning: Serenissima and her companions, George and Baron Mucki, are heads of a new party series that takes place in town: with the provocative title "Overdressed and Underfucked" they host a nice get-together with fun DJ_Lines every first Saturday of the month.
The location is Shelter.

You can either join their network on their facebook page or simply check out the next party on June 4th- one thing is for sure: you never know what's going to happen but you can be sure to hear the trashiest music and see the fanciest dress-ups in town.



Bowerbirds at the Donaufestival with Pebelle costume design

BOWERBIRDS performance by Marianne Vlaschits and Michael Bäckström
costumes by Pebelle

Donaufestival Krems- this THURSDAY 6pm-10 pm

This is going to be fun_ my most recent work is a pair of costumes for the BOWERBIRDS performance of two great artists!

This is going to be fun_ my most recent work is a pair of costumes for the BOWERBIRDS performance of two great artists!

Marianne Vlaschits, who walks between the discipline of installation, performance and painting, an emerging artist, coming from Austrias academy of fine arts and Michael Bäckström, artist from Sweden are going to present a joint performance
As part of a happening lasting several hours, Vlasitsch/Bäckström will see installations, sculptures, rituals and dances emerging, which, as they say themselves, can best be described as “shamanistic”. Similar to the mating behaviour of male power birds, which build complex nests to attract females, Vlasitsch and Bäckström will adapt themselves and their “nests” to the audience they want to attract.

The Bowerbirds
During mating season they show a unique courtship behaviour, the males builds a structure (BOWER) and decorates it with sticks and brightly coloured objects in an attempt to attract a mate.
The ladies decide which one's their favourite by comparing their architectural and performative skills whilst the males sing as good as they can. Accoring to the species the favored colours vary.
Males also try to attract a partner by squeezing berries and arranging them inside their "love cage".

Here's a bit of info from the Donaufestival's page:

The artistic networks of the donaufestival will be expanded this year with a happening and performance project. In collaboration with Wiener Art Foundation, different forms of action and representation of performative practices will be presented under the title of “Synaptic Driver”. In line with the festival’s motto, “Nodes, Roots and Shoots”, 12 contributions will examine the possibilities of experiencing performative works not as individually completed events, but as open, network-building forms of artistic expression.

The venue is the vacant, former electrical shop Elektro Gantner. It is located – only a few minutes from the festival’s main halls – on the edge of the Stadtpark. Visitors passing the exhibition space on their way to the concert halls are invited to drop in.

To read klick here

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