WHIRLWIND SALE -this Saturday

+++Pebelle WHIRLWIND SALE+++ 

Alles fliegt raus, weil alles neu wird+++ Everything has to go, cause everything will be new soon.

+++ tights, leggings, bodywear, t-shirts, bodytights, scarfs/schals, cardigans, socks+++ 
 ++ Items as featured in True Blood, Vogue UK, Elle UK, and many more++

Fashion Camp Modeblogger Flohmarkt
3.11 WUK Projektraum 

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The Rainbow tree

Thanks to a close friend of mine I was introduced to a tree, that immediatly became my all time favourite tree. Why is very obvious.

The Rainbow tree is something that is totally denied to us Austrians, our clima just doesn't allow it. It's mostly planted in tropical gardens and parks, due to its show-effect. Yes, this tree is a stunner, and yes, walking in a forest of Rainbow trees is what I am going to use to circle my daydreams around while I am walking those wet, cold and grey streets of Vienna.

The axis of a rainbow along with it's colours is a neverending element of inspiration, not only for me as dyeing artist. Just take a look at what Jimmy Hendrix did with this theme.

Axis Bold as Love
....My red is so confident he flashes trophies of war
And ribbons of euphoria.
Orange is young, full of daring but very unsteady for the first go 'round.
My yellow in this case is no so mellow.
In fact I'm trying to say it's frightened like me.
And all of these emotions of mine keep holding me
From giving my life to a rainbow like you.
But I'm a yeah, I'm bold as love,
Yeah yeah......


Barbie Girl

There's no better way to express a bit of girlishness, that stayed within you after you already hit the 30's. So Pebelle's next project could be this skirt. Only with tie dyed hair- To show my "True Colours".  t b c


Cheeky little Dinosaur

I stumbled upon this a couple of days ago- no one really knows where this shoes come from. But one thing is clear: They are unique. A miniature Dinosaur that carries your weight and walks with you wherever you go? A dream.

Best comes in pairs with this Pebelle tie dye creation I once did. Now rocking the legs of a nice young lady, that was kind of enough to send me that snapshot.


Lieblingsflohmarkt @Gartenbaukino

Parkring 10
1010 Wien


 Be there or you miss out on......

  Military Denim Jacket

       80's Chestnut-Print 3-Piece Set
     (Skirt, Shirt, Belt/Scarf)

  60's Lurex Dress. Pucci Style

    Levi's Orange Label 70's Denim Shirt
        Dress, Lasercut Holes, London

        Gianfranco Ferre 80's pumps
Kodak Instant Camera

    60's Wool Coat

   60's White Leather Boots


Pebelle goes CLENDY- a fashion performance

C * L * E * N * D * Y

walking on a trail * following the stars
a Pebelle fashion performance

*Clendy is set in the wonderful forest of Yverdon les Bain in the french part of Switzerland. A magical place discovered by two lovers. Ancient stone rows that immortalize another time, another culture, a belief in the power of the universe. We have gathered to morph with the stones and find hidden meanings as they set a path and point to the stars*

sounds by Caleb Kylander
styling by Simon Winkelmüller
models: Ina (tempo), Mark (mark&julia), Karl (mother agency), Sophia, Julian (artist), Maria

Within the setting of EARLY BIRDS, an event based on promoting young artists, music and more- located at project space, Kunsthalle Vienna!
FRIDAY 29th June - Starts: 9pm (21:00)


© Maria Krasa

Caleb Kylander is a singer/composer/guitarist from sunny San Diego, located in Yverdon. His band "The Jamborines" is on highest rotation whereever you go in Switzerland and plants sounds in your ear and heart, that you can't stop humming. Apart from that he's my muse and the best testmonial any fashion label can find.

© Aude Zimmer

Simon Winkelmüller is an apiring fashion stylist from Vienna, constantly working on editorials for various fashion magazines. And working with Pebelle dyes a lot! Watch out for him!

© Ega did it!

                                                             The event on Facebook

© Maria Krasa


Stone Age Aerobics with Dandi Wind & Pebelle

Dandi Wind will present us with some new work soon.
I am glad to pronounce that Pebelle will be part of it. The new video was filmed 2 weeks ago in Canada and Dandi was nice enough to send me a sneak peak of what it will be.....
Cave Style Aerobics in a forest? Only she could think about a topic like that.


Dandi Wind wird uns bald mit neuen Arbeiten breichern. Ich freue mich bekannt geben zu dürfen, dass Pebelle ein Teil davon sein wird. Ihr neues Musikvideo wurde vor 2 Wochen in Kanada abgedreht und Dandi war so nett mir eine kleine Foto-Kostprobe zu schicken....
Höhlenmenschen-Aerobics im Wald? Nur eine wie sie kann sich so ein Thema ausdenken.

And if you haven't heard of Dandi before, so much is said: Dandi Wind is a brilliant music project run by her since 2003, which was already featured in Dazed&Confused Magazine and more. Later on she started the project Fan Death- a European tour with Vampire Weekend followed.
Now she's back on working on Dandi Wind and we all hope she'll make it to Europe. You can check her LastFM for Music or the videos below!

Und wer noch nicht von Dandi gehört, dem sei soviel gesagt: Dandi Wind ist ein brilliantes Musikprojekt, das sie seit 2003 betreibt und bereits in Dazed&Confused Magazin gefeatured war. Später startete sie auch das Projekt Fan Death, eine Europa-Tour mit Vampire Weekend folgte.
Nun ist sie zurück und arbeitet an Dandi Wind, wir hoffen sie schafft es nach Europa. Mehr gibt es auf LastFM zu hören oder in den unteren Videos!


REHEARSING is the best part of it

Yesterday we spend all afternoon rehearsing for our tonight's show "Ex and Hopp"!!!
We had soo much fun, I couldn't believe it. And I am so grateful to have found expressive and real nice people, that are free and willing to perform with all of their heart.
It's going to be so much fun, so if you're free and wanna enjoy some music, performance, hearts and colours along the wonderful urban area of the "Donaukanal", then pass by!
Start: 9 pm, main stage, Salztorbrücke


Gestern haben wir den ganzen Nachmittag damit verbracht, für die heute "Ex und Hopp" Show zu proben. Wir hatten unglaublich viel Spass und ich bin extrem dankbar, dass wir so viele expressive und wirklich nette Leute gefunden haben, die von ganzem Herzen frei und willig performen.
Es wird lustig werden, wenn Ihr also Musik, Performance, Herzen und Farben mögt, dann kommt zum wunderbar-urbanen Areal am Donaukanal!
Start: 21 Uhr, Hauptbühne, Salztorbrücke

Impressions from our rehearsal / Impressionen unserer Probe:

And if you wonder where the magic is going to happen, check out the map:

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Ex und Hopp- another kind of Fashion circus


Pebelle behauptet sich im Modezirkus und tritt als Dompteurin ihrer einzigartigen selbst entwickelten Färbetechnik auf.
Es scheint als ob sie ihre Kreationen direkt auf den Körper der Trägerin "schnalzt" und "projiziert".
Jedes Teil individuell, handgefärbt und ein Einzelstück.
Gemeinsam mit Pebelle inszeniert silo mit einem Haufen von Individualisten eine einzigartige Live Performance
die es in dieser Formation nur an diesen Samstag auf der Hauptbühne zu sehen gibt.

Sounddesign by Florian Scheck a.k.a. J'aime Julien (Malefiz, Early Birds)


Where? DONAULKANALTREIBEN, Hauptbühne (main stage), Salztorbrücke, 1010 Wien
When? SAT, 2.6.2012   start: 9 PM

Pebelle came to play a part in the fashion circus and enters the stage as tamer of her own, unique and self-developed dyeing technique. It seems as if she "projects" and "flicks" her creations onto the carrier's body. Ever piece is individual, dyed by hand and a unique item.
Along with Silo Pebelle will put a scenerie on stage to show you a unique live performance with a bunch of indidualists, that will only come together on this one occation and in this form. At the Main stage!

Sounddesgin by Florian Scheck a.k.a. J'aime Julien (Malefiz, Early Birds)


Dress Code

Vienna based Photographer Michele in her Pebelle-dress.... looking happy indeed!

Interview & Feature for MODA DE LA MODE Magazine, UK

Here is a lovely Print Feature the Moda de la Mode Magazine did for their first issue!

Interview&Text: Catherine Uy
Photography_Michele Pauty
Photo Assistance_Thomas Kronsteiner
Model: Mara/WienerModels
MakeUp/Hair_Shlomit Migay
Styling/Concept: Pebelle
Location&Set Design_ Das Wiener Zimmer/Conny Müller


London Fashion Week - Street Style with Pebelle

Naomi Smart, Fashion Assistant at British VOGUE, got snapped wearing a Pebelle turtleneck- during London Fashion Week!
To view the rest of the gallery just go to: www.harpersbazaar.com


Over and Out


Over and Out or Opposite sex 

What happens if:

• any physical prove for emotion is absent and sex is re- placed with building an artificial reality, a composed conviction without superior evidence of truth?
• the ability of detecting the genuine truth is replaced with creating a script in your head about what you think is going on?

Without a slight indication of that or an functioning instinct, a behavioural set of patterns triggers both sides to interact in a destructive way.
The so called “love life” ceased to exist. 

John Maus from “Just wait till next year”
I long for you I long for you
I hate you
I feel stupid whenever you’re around
You humiliate my soul
I cut up all my fingers just to touch you
I wonder what you’re thinking of me now

I am a fucking maniac 



Pebelle for British Elle, March Issue

Long time no hear!
But I'm back with a lot of new stuff, images and other things, that touch me.
Let's start with this oldie (but goldie).
In the current issue of ELLE UK magazine one of my tube skirts/dresses was featured.
Check it out!!

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