The fellowhip of Pebelle part III: VUM as in Womb

Jennifer Pearl (ex-Lion Fever, Lost Kids) and Christopher Badger (founding member of Grand Elegance) are VUM. Partners in crime, and co-conspirators for this new throbbing noir heartbeat.

I first stumbled upon Jennifer's brilliant voice by listening to her former band Lion Fever and the depth of her singing touched me.
In the same year VUM formed and the mix of surf guitar, analog drum machine and vocals makes it difficult to turn off. I became an immediate fan of that new project and through lucky circumstances I had the chance to get to know this lovely lady personally and even see VUM perform live in LA.

An exchange happened and I was trusted to create costumes for VUM's first video shoot in the Joshua Tree desert. The video will be released soon and you can be sure that I will post it on here.

You can find the music on Myspace:
Here's a little taste:

Find more artists like VUM at Myspace Music

or buy her limited cassettes at Amoeba, LA or in Viennas Samstag Shop!
But be quick there aren't many left.

So here's some goodies of that vibrant talent and hopefully you like it too.


The fellowship of Pebelle part II: I kill a man with Monique Maion

Monique Maion - Straight from São Paulo, Brazil, she was considered “the new voice” by Rolling Stone Magazine, “Brazilian Female Tom Waits” by the blogs and “Free Soul” by the Swiss newspaper Der Bund. Monique shows her versatility with her variety of projects.

We hooked up via Myspace and she was an immeditate fan of my work. Later on she urprised me with these nice snapshots she did, wearing leggings by Pebelle.
I was even more positively surprised as I discovered a video on the net of her performing at the Mauerpark Karaoke in Berlin-her beeing so close and rocking an event that I would so wish to take place in Vienna. Also because I've been there myself and even filmed it.

You can find her on
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/monmaion
Twitter: http://twitter.com/moniquemaion
and here: http://moniquemaion.bandcamp.com/album/lola
So here she is.


The fellowship of Pebelle part I: Get your hopes up with Actually Huizenga ( Hard Place)

My new series " The fellowship of Pebelle" is a résumé of whom I worked with in the last two years. With enthusiasm and beeing communicative a multifaceted assemblage of people came together that I worked with. I want to take the upcoming end of this year as a chance to present every one of those great faces. And talents.

Part I:

Get your hopes up - Actually Huizenga

I first noticed A.Huizenga as the lead singer of a wonderful combo called "Hard Place" when they rocked the Fluc in Vienna 2,5 years ago.
Within minutes I turned into a fan of this outgoing and beautiful lady and some time after the gig we got in contact.

So here she is wearing one of her Pebelle's leggings.

Actually Huizenga and Hard Place are located in Los Angeles, where they create music and work on film projects.
I love the aesthetics and patchwork style she's using in her films. The setting & costumes are diverse and some uptight people might find it too provoking, but that's what art does: it provokes and makes you ponder about what you see.

Here's a little example for Hard Place's music but if you want to dive deeper take a scroll through Actually's you tube account named huizenga: http://www.youtube.com/user/huizenga

She also work on a music project called "Wet Look", underneath you find a second video for that project.


Gender discussion on hosiery

How do you feel about men in hosiery, let me know!

This image was taken in a club during Fashionweek Vienna and I think it does show a lot.


Samstag Shop & exhibit space

You can now shop for new items @ Samstag Shop , Margeretenstrasse 46, 1040 Vienna

Along with well choosen items of labels such as Hartmann&Nordenholz you can now also view the new exhibit " We love popmusic" by Berlin based designer Friederike Hofmann, super chief illustrator of "we love you all"!

Here is a link to their fantastic work


Or visit Samstag Shop online for more info: http://www.samstag-shop.com/de/


Pure Magical Love

Talented lady Heather Lynn of Pure Magical Love (some of you might know her old band "The Capricorns"), based in Chicago is a non-stop creative machine.
From doing this lovely music with lots of organs in the background, hosting colour- and mindblowing performances (which I can't attend as I live too far away), creating her own costumes and now even running an own store ....... nothing can stop her.

So I always feel proud to discover images of her using PEBELLE items to go with her world.

You can check her Music page on her Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/puremagicalloveisreal

or listen here:


Pebelle goes Frankfurt Part II

Now available in Frankfurt:

Pebelle tie dye microfibre tights & kneehigh microfibre socks
Perfect for Winter!

Every item is UNIQUE (as usual)!

@Schuhbelle, Frankfurt, Neue Kräme 29/Sandhofpassage- 60311 Frankfurt
Contact: nina.mueller@schuhbelle.de


Antigone costumes

Images by FotoPalffy

Due to it's success the two plays König Ödipus and Antigone are on stage again this month.
I was honoured to re-create the original costume ideas for ANTIGONE. As I have already been working with Superated on the costumes for the Ödipus play it was a good way to move the same theme to the other act.
If you live in Vienna or close by there's still a chance to see one or even both of the plays @Theater Spielraum!
Just check their page for available tickets: http://www.theaterspielraum.at/

treasure hunt on the hard drive

Sometimes it's good to go through your hard drive!
Because as I did so yesterday I found this little feature in the summer issue of Indie, the Independent Style Magazine including a nice little interview!


Pebelle goes FRANKFURT

My famous corded tights for Autum/Winter fashion top ups are now available in Frankfurt, Germany.

You can also grab nice microfibre leggings there and all along Nina, the shop owner does sell a lovely selection of high class shoes.

Check in at:
Neue Kräme 29 / Sandhofpassage
60311 Frankfurt
Tel:0049 (0)69 97768407 Fax:0049 (0)69 36602367

Here's the map to help you orientate:

Größere Kartenansicht


A Forest

New works by Pebelle.

Come along. Into the trees. Hide!

Come closer and see
see into the trees
find the girl
while you can
Come closer and see
see into the dark
just follow your eyes
just follow your eyes

I hear her voice
calling my name
the sound is deep
in the dark
I hear her voice
and start to run
into the trees
into the trees

into the trees

Suddenly I stop
but i know it's too late
I'm lost in a forest
all alone

The girl was never there
it's always the same
I'm running towards nothing
again and again and again

Photography: Michele Pauty
Photo Assistence: Thomas Kronsteiner
Fashion: Pebelle/Petra Kräutner
Makeup/Hair: Marlene Hoffmann
Models: Vivianne/Tempo People


Vienna Fashionweek MQ

Check out the Superated Fashionshow on Friday, 24th at 9 pm.
At the Fashiontent, MQ, Vienna
You can catch a glimpse of Pebelle's legwear, men's zip-tights, dyed linen-scarfs and a custom made tie-dye pant.

Here's a glimpse of the items shown at the Berlin Fashionweek in July!

You can also check the Vienna Fashionweek page to check all the events and shows.


Mosquitos bytes &Slug fights in the Entchanted forest

After several hours shooting my new work with quirky photographer lady Michele Pauty we were all real happy for our feet to touch concrete.

In the middle of the underwoods (although real close to a road) we fought against slugs, mosquitos and all kinds of creepy crawly things to shoot the first results of my newly started concept....which is all about getting invisible.

Camouflage for every surrounding.

We start with the forest.

Here are the first pics I took on the set.......

Photography: Michele Pauty
Photo Assistence: Thomas Kronsteiner
Fashion: Pebelle/Petra Kräutner
Makeup and Hair: Marlene Hoffmann
Models: Chris Fabi, Vivianne/Tempo People


Crafts at the MQ for a good reason......

Now the funny 3 days of taking part in a craft workshop with kids are over and we have managed to create a big bunch of textiles squares with the kids.
Soon we will finish it off to a wonderful big patchwork and hand it over to Designers against AIDS.

Emma Bell, Polona Dolzan, Scott Ramsay Kyle and Pebelle have been creating patches as well.


Creativity for Designers against AIDS: workshops for Kids hosted at the MQ

Commencing on July 19th "Fish and Chips Twice Please?!" will be hosting an array of features promoting AIDS/HIV awareness.
On the programme are craft workshops for kids in co-operation with JEF, live knitting circles, special DAA film screening and of course a much anticipated presentation.
The knitting and craft workshops offer kids and passers by the opportunity to contribute a square to add to a special patchwork we are creating to raise AIDS/HIV awareness which will be given to Designers Against AIDS (DAA) upon completion.

I am happy to announce that I participate tomorrow (Monday) during the workshop sessions with kids and will also create a PEBELLE square for the patchwork that will be donated to DAA.

DAA was founded in Belgium, and the internationally active project aims to reach young people through the media of fashion, celebrity, music and sport. Their initiative and work has been injected into worldwide media and has been featured in publications including; Vogue, i-D, ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair.
Previous contributors and collaborations include H&M, Rihanna, Gareth Pugh, Bernhard Willhelm, Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott

The DAA Homepage is worth visiting:


Whooooopeeeeee Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg is in town and not only that.

Friday afternoon she went shopping and what did she get?

A pair of PEBELLE Legging at Samstag Shop.

I feel very honoured and this is the reason to write a little something about it.

Whoopi is one of the main guests of this year's life ball, as she an icon supporting the fight against AIDS for a long time.


Pebelle and Allude

A couple of months ago Sammy Zayed, super-busy and super-successful Austrian stylist, used Pebelle tights to go with ALLUDE cashmere for their new advertising campaign, which was put together by agency Tatendrang.
Check out Allude cashmere products on their page: www.allude-cashmere.com

Here are the results, amazing images. Love it.


Pebelle showcase @ "Fish and Chips twice please?!"

My favourite fashion exhibit here in Vienna: "Fish and Chips, twice please?!" at the Freiraum 21 in MQ!

Opening it's doors a month ago this Contemporary fashion exhibition is presenting the UK as a hub for international design talent.

The exhibition is directed and curated by British fashion designer, Emma Bell, and curator Polona Dolzan. Presenting the industry's most forward thinking creatives including designers; Louise Gray, Charlie Le Mindu, Scott Ramsay Kyle, Piers Atkinson, Dashing Tweeds, Louise Amstrup, Cooperative Designs, Nicholas Kirkwood and Craig Lawrence.

Here is a link to their blog: http://fishandchipstwiceplease.blogspot.com/

As a part of the exhibition's accompanying programme the focus is on featuring "New designer showcases".
The idea of this element was to highlight the presence of new and emerging designers within current industry so our programme allows for a selection of design graduates and start-up labels to present their work as par
t of a rotating showcase space within the gallery.

Now PEBELLE is presenting part of her new collection "forest and veins" for the next three weeks.

Here's a little preview:


Pure Magical Love

Wonderful Heather Lynn of PURE MAGICAL LOVE, the sound-mistress of a neo-hippie-organ-disco love to wear her Pebelle leggings.
Once more she used them in her Neo-Baroque Ballett and if you take a close look you will be able in which minute they turn up on the screen.


Pebelle vs Superated at the Men's Fashion Week, PARIS

Pebelle vs Superated presented their collaboration at the Fashionclash in Maastricht, NL two weeks ago.

Now the items are going to represented in ANOTHER SHOWROOM (http://anothershowroom.blogspot.com/) in Paris during the Men's fashion week.
76, rue quincampoix
75003 paris
jun 24th: 12-19
jun 25-28th: 10-19

Be there!


Pebelle& House of Boing Fashionshow 28th May

Vienna's first "pavement festival" is taking place and with it comes a show hosted by mother agency- www.motheragency.com:
Fashion Mob is a way of presenting fashion in an urban yet mobile surrounding - a fashion show taking place in the middle of a road, the expression runway has to be changed into driveway as some models will not be walking during the show, that much is for sure.
Bring your own seat, care for your own waste and have fun.
Be there and be surprised.

House of Boing is presenting her new collection a deep dive into the time of the Wiener Werkstätte mixed with pop art attitude. www.houseofboing.com
Pebelle teams up and adds her unique hosiery to the collection!

Starts 7:00 pm sharply
Friday 28th May

If it's pissing down with rain (as it is often these days) the show will be cancelled BUT.......yes, there is a but
we will be so nice and host the show at midnight on Sat 29th of May at CLUB DRAMA in the Ottakringer Brauerei!



It's been long, the last days of April have been busy days for Pebelle.
A fancy collection of unique garments hand-made for the COOLEST SHOP in Vienna town!
All items are limited to max. 4 pieces but non looks like the other:
Body Tights, one piece that completely dresses you from head to toe!
You can choose if you wear them like tights or as leggings. A little hole in the sole is responsible for the magic transformation!

Or get yourself a pair of funky socks, with 30% organic cotton, they make sure you don't get sweaty feet and you can top up every sandal!
Thick tights with matchy matchy Tube tops ( you can even wear them as skirts) or a very LIMITED series of DOTTY tights make the collection go hand in hand with all fashion varieties!

SAMSTAG opened up a little more than a week ago and hosts high class design labels such as cooperative designs, superated, house of the very island, andy wolf eyewear, harmann nordenholz, baipa ripa and nonbykim!

Here's a direct link to the shop http://www.samstag-shop.com - soon you will be able to shop online too!

It's doors are opened every Friday and Saturday between 12h and 19h or you can shop by appointment!


Dough and Fruit Shooting "Industrial Acid House"

Last weekend Pebelle items were used for a shooting, hosted by Agency Tatendrang, based in Vienna.
"Industrial Acid House" - the scenery makes us feel as beeing placed right into the middle of a Mad-Max movie and the thought strucks us what it would have looked like if they had Pebelle items on their set.
I will get a few more pics from the Agency soon!

Photo: Lukas Spitaler
Designer: Annette Kölling, Pebelle
Hair+Make-up: Marlene Hoffmann
Styling: Mark Baigent + Carla Jahn @Tatendrang
Model: Mark @ Tempo models

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