Music, skirts, wine and life

I spent last week in London, where I literally did nothing else but live like a vampire. If I managed to leave the house at all it was after dark. All I did was eating, sleeping, reading, writing, sketching and listening to calm music. And I really enjoyed this bunch of time for myself.

Oh yes, I left the house during the day, either to meet my friend and photographer Richard Kelly for some good food and creative exchange (futurse surprise) or once to check out the brilliant area around Brick Lane and sniff some Vintage flair on a Sunday.

And I went to see wonderful Mister William Fitzsimmons in a Pub in Camden. I never saw him live before and was really impressed, no wonder he calms you down just by listening to him. As a former psychotherapist and with very personal songs about his childhood and other relations he manages to touch everyones soul.
Not less impressive was his supporting act Scott Matthew.

Afterwards we were so pumped up with emotions we just had to share this two bottles of wine. And somewhere in between I even managed to exchange a few lines with W.Fitzsimmons. He's such a nice guy!

For this occation I wore the skirt I had on the runway in September, as I am way too small it was obviously pretty wet from the damp London pavements in the end.

A glimpse on these two gentlemen that made this evening so perfect:

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