Pebelle x The Jamborines - a fashion performance @Kunsthalle Wien, MQ for Early Birds

"Till Death Do Us Part" - a view on the wedding vows and what lies beneath swearing to love someone untill the bitter end. A 4min performance, underlined by the great sound of the up and coming band "The Jamborines" plays with the aesthetics of a classical marriage ceremony but at the same time shows where, according to the wedding vows the end of it all lies: Death. Love beyond death, does it exist? Or was the classic wedding vow a backdoor that the church kept, so you are free to go along once your partner died. Don't young lovers believe in a love that last for an eternity wich includes death?
In Mexican culture death is nothing to be feared, so it is also nothing that divides people. During death day all beloved that had passed away come back for one night and celebrate amongst the living.
Our wedding performance plays with all these sides - ceremonies, love, joy, death - the bride and groom with classical sugar skull make up, the priest that unites the couple but also represents death.

One review even described the performance as a furneral procession!

It was a blast, it was amazing. And it made me happy to be doing what I am doing.

I wanna thank everyone involved in this project!

Art Conception, Costumes: Pebelle
Music: The Jamborines (Caleb Kylander)
Bride: Elena Shirin
Groom: Karl Diwisch (Karl der Schöne)
Priest: Caleb Kylander
4 Bridesmaides, Souls: Vasilena Gankovska, Petra Andjelkovic, Kristina Kölblinger, Lisa Fertner
Make Up: Jolien Hackett (Tatendrang), Shlomit Migay

Images: Charo Centurion

Early Birds: Maria Krasa, Florian Scheck

To get a feel of the sound that was composed and performed by The Jamborines singer Caleb Kylander, here you can listen to that great piece of music:

Images of that performance are here and if you want to see more check out my Facebook fan page:

Here is a video of the fantastic event:

  Kunsthalle Wien x EARLY BIRDS from J'aime Julien on Vimeo.

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