Dough and Fruit Shooting "Industrial Acid House"

Last weekend Pebelle items were used for a shooting, hosted by Agency Tatendrang, based in Vienna.
"Industrial Acid House" - the scenery makes us feel as beeing placed right into the middle of a Mad-Max movie and the thought strucks us what it would have looked like if they had Pebelle items on their set.
I will get a few more pics from the Agency soon!

Photo: Lukas Spitaler
Designer: Annette Kölling, Pebelle
Hair+Make-up: Marlene Hoffmann
Styling: Mark Baigent + Carla Jahn @Tatendrang
Model: Mark @ Tempo models


  1. thank you, Richard, Lukas Spitaler is a very talented fotografer indeed. How are you doing?


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