It's been long, the last days of April have been busy days for Pebelle.
A fancy collection of unique garments hand-made for the COOLEST SHOP in Vienna town!
All items are limited to max. 4 pieces but non looks like the other:
Body Tights, one piece that completely dresses you from head to toe!
You can choose if you wear them like tights or as leggings. A little hole in the sole is responsible for the magic transformation!

Or get yourself a pair of funky socks, with 30% organic cotton, they make sure you don't get sweaty feet and you can top up every sandal!
Thick tights with matchy matchy Tube tops ( you can even wear them as skirts) or a very LIMITED series of DOTTY tights make the collection go hand in hand with all fashion varieties!

SAMSTAG opened up a little more than a week ago and hosts high class design labels such as cooperative designs, superated, house of the very island, andy wolf eyewear, harmann nordenholz, baipa ripa and nonbykim!

Here's a direct link to the shop http://www.samstag-shop.com - soon you will be able to shop online too!

It's doors are opened every Friday and Saturday between 12h and 19h or you can shop by appointment!

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