The fellowship of Pebelle part I: Get your hopes up with Actually Huizenga ( Hard Place)

My new series " The fellowship of Pebelle" is a résumé of whom I worked with in the last two years. With enthusiasm and beeing communicative a multifaceted assemblage of people came together that I worked with. I want to take the upcoming end of this year as a chance to present every one of those great faces. And talents.

Part I:

Get your hopes up - Actually Huizenga

I first noticed A.Huizenga as the lead singer of a wonderful combo called "Hard Place" when they rocked the Fluc in Vienna 2,5 years ago.
Within minutes I turned into a fan of this outgoing and beautiful lady and some time after the gig we got in contact.

So here she is wearing one of her Pebelle's leggings.

Actually Huizenga and Hard Place are located in Los Angeles, where they create music and work on film projects.
I love the aesthetics and patchwork style she's using in her films. The setting & costumes are diverse and some uptight people might find it too provoking, but that's what art does: it provokes and makes you ponder about what you see.

Here's a little example for Hard Place's music but if you want to dive deeper take a scroll through Actually's you tube account named huizenga: http://www.youtube.com/user/huizenga

She also work on a music project called "Wet Look", underneath you find a second video for that project.


  1. I find myself more intrigued with this lady each day. I discovered her on YouTube and I admit at first I didn't get it, but I think that's it. You aren't suppose to get it. You are just suppose to enjoy what it is, what it might be and let me tell you she and her bands are amazing! Wish I lived in LA.

    -Joey Broyles


  2. I totally share your opinion. She's a piece of art.


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