The fellowship of Pebelle part II: I kill a man with Monique Maion

Monique Maion - Straight from São Paulo, Brazil, she was considered “the new voice” by Rolling Stone Magazine, “Brazilian Female Tom Waits” by the blogs and “Free Soul” by the Swiss newspaper Der Bund. Monique shows her versatility with her variety of projects.

We hooked up via Myspace and she was an immeditate fan of my work. Later on she urprised me with these nice snapshots she did, wearing leggings by Pebelle.
I was even more positively surprised as I discovered a video on the net of her performing at the Mauerpark Karaoke in Berlin-her beeing so close and rocking an event that I would so wish to take place in Vienna. Also because I've been there myself and even filmed it.

You can find her on
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/monmaion
Twitter: http://twitter.com/moniquemaion
and here: http://moniquemaion.bandcamp.com/album/lola
So here she is.


  1. great stuff. i alomsot like your blog, it's pretty amazing here. but i lost my fun with myspace - can't stand this new layout and all those new things, huh?


  2. I do feel you, I hate Myspace & just keep the page cause of all the contacts. It never works on my computer as well, which is lame.
    Thanks for your feedback.


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