Aren't we all Bowerbirds?

All images by Alexander Nussbaumer

As you might remember I have recently created costumes for the performance "Bowerbirds" of Viennese artist Marianne Vlaschits and her partner in crime Swedish artist Michael Bäckström.

The performance took place within the performance series 'Synaptic Driver' in collaboration with the Wiener Art Foundation at the Donaufestival Krems.

Here are the final images of the performance, where you get a good impression of the Pebelle costume design as well.

For this performance I created to full Bodysuits made out of Spandex material, dyed according to the colour schema the artists had within their works.
I've added net lace attachments on the neckline to create a bit of a birdy impression without taking the artist's free moving space.

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