The Rainbow Valley Show

Thursday was a good day- it was the day my friend and painter PauldeFlorian did his degree at the academy of fine arts, Vienna.

His rainbow valley show, based on the movie "Rainbow valley" from 1935 with John Wayne.
Paul used images from the movie and topped them up with colours- colours were a strong theme within the dialougs of that movie but opposed to the fact that it was in the black/white movie area.

The rainbow valley show itself played with the aesthetics of cowboy themes paired with the rainbow coloured bandanas used in the 80s, when gays weren't so out in the open and had to use colour codes.

All in all the diploma was a successfull and here are some images of the performance that took place in between his wonderful paintings.

You might find the odd Pebelle tank top too.

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  1. All Thumbs up for that! And the pic on your Facebook interest me. Good view.


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