Pebelle goes CLENDY- a fashion performance

C * L * E * N * D * Y

walking on a trail * following the stars
a Pebelle fashion performance

*Clendy is set in the wonderful forest of Yverdon les Bain in the french part of Switzerland. A magical place discovered by two lovers. Ancient stone rows that immortalize another time, another culture, a belief in the power of the universe. We have gathered to morph with the stones and find hidden meanings as they set a path and point to the stars*

sounds by Caleb Kylander
styling by Simon Winkelmüller
models: Ina (tempo), Mark (mark&julia), Karl (mother agency), Sophia, Julian (artist), Maria

Within the setting of EARLY BIRDS, an event based on promoting young artists, music and more- located at project space, Kunsthalle Vienna!
FRIDAY 29th June - Starts: 9pm (21:00)


© Maria Krasa

Caleb Kylander is a singer/composer/guitarist from sunny San Diego, located in Yverdon. His band "The Jamborines" is on highest rotation whereever you go in Switzerland and plants sounds in your ear and heart, that you can't stop humming. Apart from that he's my muse and the best testmonial any fashion label can find.

© Aude Zimmer

Simon Winkelmüller is an apiring fashion stylist from Vienna, constantly working on editorials for various fashion magazines. And working with Pebelle dyes a lot! Watch out for him!

© Ega did it!

                                                             The event on Facebook

© Maria Krasa

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