The fellowship of Pebelle part X: Pick your pic with Richard Kelly

Have you ever heard of the world of horsebones?
No? Well, you will, after that post. And if you are through with it, follow this man's photographical universe and it will change the way you see your everyday surrounding.
At least it worked like that with me.

Before I start, I have to mention that during my research for this blog,I skipped through all his images: on his homepage, his blog, his Flickr and so on. I had a hard time choosing pics for this blog post, I might have to ask him if I am allowed to do a wallpaper full of his images.

Okay, let's start and let you know who I am talking about:

Richard Kelly, a man I met (shall I mention it was online, risking to cause a yawn?) on my hunt after certain images I needed for my work.
Our paths crossed in a fun way: two years ago, as the wonderful ladies of Fan Death got a couple Pebelle tights for their tour.

So, at some point, I caught a glimpse from a Polaroid taken of them, with Dandi, the lead singer wearing my tights. But it wasn't easy to hunt the man down, that did the image. The girls were still on tour and hard to get hold of. All they remembered was a guy taking pics of them backstage- but in the end I found him and asked him if I could have one.
Richard was so nice to send me a whole bunch of images within an instant and somehow we stayed in touch.

The next thing I remember was me going through a phase, that every artist has at some point- it's the phase were you think about giving up what you're doing.
Somehow I must have mentioned it to him, a week later I had a little parcel in my post box with Steve Martin's autobiography. Born standing up. The title says it all.

Included in the parcel was a nice note, telling me that it's inpsiring as he never gave up and see what happened.

So I read the book and yes, it helped me continue. A much bigger motivation to just stick to what you're good at is Richard's history:

He developed an interest for photography after leaving school with no qualifications. At 16 he went to work for a local newspaper as a mail room boy.
From there he got to meet the staff photographers. From that point on, Richard went to night school to study photography and did a series of related jobs such as lab technician processing film and exhibition printer.
His aim was to save up enough money to do a degree in Documentary and Fine Art photography and so he did. After finishing he assisted various photographers for a number of years before branching out on his own.
Now he's based in London and shoot all sorts, from Advertising to Music.
And through shooting music we met.

Here's him shooting Late of the pier in Japan (one of the many trips Richard did, which had a big effect on him).

Here some other musicians he had in front of his lense.

John Cooper Clarke

Florence and the Machine

Arctic Monkeys

Pete Youknowwho

And last year in October we finally met in person. On my last trip to London Richard took me on a tour through London's east end and altough I thought I know this town pretty well, I realized I have NEVER been to one of the oldest pubs in town, where Jack the Ripper found his victims. So this was pretty educational for me.

Richard also loves to show off his fantastic trained body in Pebelle catsuits.

Original image by Michele Pauty

Looking at his work I do see the difference in his professional work and the every day impressions he gives us on his blog.

To compare you can go to his homepage http://www.rkellyphoto.com and his wonderful blog called THE WORLD OF HORSEBONES

I personally love his polaroids:

Or the ones he does on his many trips:

Or his fashion ones:

and so on and so on.....




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