Le boudoir

I have a shooting coming up this week- it's going to be real white, which (you must agree) is very unusal for me-
but it will be topped up with utterly cute Pebelle lace/dotty socks- a perfect partner for any spring shoe trends.

The location will be the "Wiener Zimmer", a unique place to shop for unique furniture- the owner has a range of amazing collectibles from all over the world. They way she puts them all together is unbelieveable, so much love towards all this treasures- which you can feel when you enter.
I totally fell in love with a metall daybed and pillows with little red english sceneries- some of this items will surely appear within the photos.

Pics by Christine Bauer

If imagine this scenerie,re-watch the movie: "Pride and Prejudice" and watch this video, directed by Miikka Lommi you will may get an idea what I'm up to.

Femme En Fourrure - Plump Bisquit from miikka lommi on Vimeo.

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