The making of "Le Boudoir"

the scenery for our "cupcake" shoot

Yesterday was an exhausting day for everyone involved in the shoot. We started pretty early in the morning, which, at this time of the year, when everyone's just waiting for the warmth, struggles with lethargy and dreams of a whole day in bed.

Mara, the supernice model of Wiener Models had to be brave - some of the shots were taken as good as outside, and it had -6 degrees Celsius (that's 21,2 degrees Fahrenheit!!) and she had to pose every style for like 20 minutes, with nothing more than thin socks and dresses.

sometimes we spoiled her with a little fan heater

some of the collectibles

And you know what? She still smiled- but after every shoot I had to wrap her in my cashmere leggings and wool pullover!

The choice you have with shooting at the Wiener Zimmer is amazing- Conny has an amazing range of collectibles- I could have done thousands of sujets- my favourites were this really old statue of a boy and the rocking horse- I suppose both are more than 100 years old.

I also fell in love with a playsuit for kids from the 19th century and a sketch block from the 20's-30's where someone drew all pages full with typical women's hair-and fashion images of that time (I regret that I didn't take a picture of those but I will go back and take one for you to see).

Michele, the photographer had her fun too- at least it looked like- she was comfortable with her thick coat and happy with the surrounding.

As we moved inside everyone felt warm and cosy and Mara, our model was happiest with the "Cupcake" Take- she ate the whole chocolate cupcake at onces.

On the last series of images we did, my comfortable wool pullover had his appearance as well- a thrift shop find- topped up with golden Pebelle stocking and a brilliant white and golden make up from Shlomit, we just got the look we wanted.

All in all I enjoyed this shoot so much, it's the first time I could use images from my pool of clothes too and not only present my items as a textile designer, but do a stylist's job as well.

A big thank you to all people involved:

Michele Pauty_ Photography
Thomas Kronsteiner_ Photography assistance
Shlomit Migay_ Make Up
Mara, Wiener Models_ Model
Conny Müller_ Location " Das Wiener Zimmer"

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