The fellowship of Pebelle part IX: The fabulous world of signore A. Pasqualini

I meet him at university first, this is ages ago, our ways crossed many times, but whenever I see him I feel good- a man with a golden heart,cool and calm but very deep. And so are his paintings.
Originally from Südtirol Andreas was raised in Trentin. His bilingual upbringing was maybe also a reason to move to Vienna, were he studied painting at the University of applied arts under Johanna Kandl.
Since his degree 2008 his life is crowned with luxury and a jetset lifestyle with no end in sight

Just recently he helped Samstag Shop in Vienna to cause another traffic jam in the road outside the shop with his X-Mas Window painting:

Last year he surprised us all with this huge ( I mean literally huge, what you see on three images here is actually just ONE)- drawing: " Triumph von Bacchus und Ariadne"
It's like an hommage to all his friends and all the people you constantly bump into when you go out in Vienna- for me the picture represents the loop you find yourself in with life- Friends coming, friends going but you always stay, you have to stay with yourself so you can never leave the picture and just witness changes.
I'm within the picture as well- wearing PEBELLE tights- can you spot me?

His artistic developement shows a strong concentration on exploring various environments such as a village communities, night clubs, party life and so on. His view is as pychological as ironic but always based on intense self-monitoring.

Right now Andreas works on his new webpage which will be online soon- so don't forget to come back and click on www.andreaspasqualini.com

As natural born fashionista Andreas always manages to pull off a look that is flammboyant and casual at the same time, it definitely raises an old lady's eyebrow I'm sure, but that's how we like it. So here he is modelling off his Pebelle socks.

One thing I don't want to miss out on:

A while back he was part of an art project called "Blanke Südsee", which performed in Barcelona- Andreas showed himself responsible for giving the blank surface of the t-shirts legs to walk with. See yourself:

Last but not least. If you want to get in touch with this amazing talent while you can still affort it, mail to: kunstreas@hotmail.com

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