"Night sun" by VUM - support the project and get your own limited vinyl in advance.

My friend Jennifer Pearl from Los Angeles and her husband Chris Badger are the two masterminds of VUM- a very unique band project with lovely, psychedelic sounds that I tend to listen to while I work.

We've already been working together costume-wise for their video on "Mountain tooth" and now they are in the processs of working on their 2nd album "Night Sun"- if you follow that link you can back this project with a little donation.
Via the great page KICKSTARTERS you can donate up from 1$- if you pledge 20$ you can already reccieve an advance vinyl copy or at a donation of $500 you can record for one day in their home studio, which once belonged to no one less than Neil Young- it's where he recorded his album "After the sun".
So check it out and help them as much as you can.


You can also listen to the new song "Savage"-

And here's a little teaser video for the album:

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