Rich and famous

Today I had a conversation about this everywhere excisting wish to become rich and famous.
Me personally I am not so sure about the part of being famous- it seems to be a lot of pressure and stress to me. In other words: I love leaving the house in my pyjamas to get milk from the supermarket without a bunch photographers following me round.
But I wouldn't mind having not to worry about money. Altough I know people say money also doesn't make you happy, but still- it enlightens life.
Anyways, there has been the idea in my head for weeks now to post songs about being rich and famous, there are endless songs- I made my personal choice.

Ich hatte heute eine Unterhaltung über den überall existierenden Wunsch reich und berühmt zu werden.
Für mich persönlich kann sagen, dass ich mir über den Part des Berühmt seins nicht so sicher bin - es scheint mir doch jede Menge Stress und Druck damit verbunden zu sein. In anderen Worten: Ich liebe es morgen im Pyjama mein Haus zu verlassen um Milch aus dem Supermarkt zu holen ohne dass mich ein Haufen Fotografen verfolgt.
Was auch immer, die Idee ein Posting für Songs, die vom Berühmt und Reich sein handeln, hatte ich ich schon ein paar Wochen im Kopf, die Auswahl ist endlos, hier ist meine Selektion.

Barrett Strong. Money (that's what I want).

Motorhead. Eat the Rich

Malaria. Geld/Money

Ok this one seems to be real shyte, but god damn I loved them as a kid.

Bros. When will I be famous?

The Beatles. You never give me your money.

Die Antwoord. Rich Bitch.


  1. Oooh being rich and famous does sound attractive right?! I agree with you about the famous bit as I too love to lounge around in my PJ's so being famous may have it's downsides. Yet again, another fantastic post.



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