The fellowship of Pebelle part VIII: Shapeshifting in Chicago with Heather & lots of Pure Magical Love

I met Heather online, as it is usual these days, as a friend of us recommended a creative exchange between the two us. Since then we are in contact and so I will tell a little about this big personality. And while I'm doing so I have her Myspace page open and listen to her wonderful music, that uses a lot of organ sounds.

Heather ist a multifaceted artist: a Russian trained ballet dancer, musician, writer and artist. It all came together in one of her projects: "Pure magical love" (PML) - she calls it "my chance to incorporate all of those things" She creates danc choreographies, rituals, and interactive performances all set to the music she composes.

If you wanna listen through the songs she does with PML please go to her Myspace page or check out her Soundcloud page:


But to only see "Pure Magical Love" as a band wouldn't be enough, there's so much more to it. Being at a PML performance is like simultaneously being at a show, a dance recital, at church and on drugs - audience members told so themselves when asked about their impression.

Here's Heather's Neo Baroque ballett, that she equiped with my leggings:

plus a video of the show:

Or one of the last preformances: "The Ressurection Ritual" struck my eye-

Back in the 90's when Heather was part of the RIOT GRRL movement, a mainly American phenomenon, that causes a discussion if beeing the 2nd or 3rd wave of feminism - eitherways, it was creating a space where women are in charge or in the majority - including supporting and organizing women in music, readings and much more.
Being in charge of all aspects of the performance is still very important to her and I think it shows throughout her work.

Not long ago she also worked on the successfull band project "The Capricorns":

here's one of my favourite songs of that time:

Recently Heather branched out and started doing "ladies crack aerobics glitter danse auxiliary squad", a get together to workout and dance.
Some of the choreographies they work on will eventually end up in future performances.

Right now Heather focuses on performing and working in Chicago, but eventually she'd like to take her vision on tour ,or even see other chapters of the ladies crack aerobics in other cities... a franchise future business plan?

We can only hope she'll stop by and let us have our own round of Pure Magical Love!

I am happy to have been a creative part in her work with supplying Heather with some of my tie-dye hosiery creations!

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