Coral dreams

My grandmother died close to ten years ago..... for me the most painful loss I have experienced in my life so far.

She's been kind of a style icon. Always sewing her own clothes and the ones for my dad & uncle- you could spot her in a small pepita costume or a later on in a Jackie O shift dress, big glasses & handbag- never without heels and Ialso remember her telling me proudly how we went boat rowing on a lake in the 50's- with a transparent blouse.

My childhood was marked by doing "catwalk" shows for my granparents- me choosing from her collection of goodies (corc plateau sandals, etc), dressing up, walking out, them clapping and me walking back getting changed- one of the most wonderful memories for me.

Well, after she died hardly anything of this goodies were left- the ones I could get a hand on, I kept- you might have spotted some of her items in old shoots- so far I have for example used her woooden glogs with heels for the forest shoot or her grandmothers embroidered bedspread in the Le Boudoir shooting.

Now I have re-discovered her coral necklace- I have had it since her death but not used it a lot- but recently I did items for a shoot in Düsseldorf and that's when I became aware that I am in a coral red mood.

So here are the dyeing results and a glimpse of my gran and her great necklace.

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