The fellowship of Pebelle part XIII: Urban legends from Canada with FAN DEATH

Today we travel to Canada, where following ladies come from:

I first stumbled upon one of the girls through my LA based friend and producer Jason- he released the 2nd Album of her former band "Dandi Wind", which I immediately liked- Dandilion Wind Opaine has a unique and catchy voice- which also defines the style of the music she's involved with (in my opinion).
While I listened to the Dandi Wind Albums I also watched some of her videos and footages, as I reconigzed: she's a total tights girl- having the figurine of a gymnast she uniis seen in short skirts, dresses or hot pants with unique tights.
I did the maths and saw that we would be a good match- as I got in touch with her in 2009 she told me about her new band project Fan Death and so we worked out a plan to send both of the involved ladies hosiery.
Marta, the second in command is the mastermind of the synths- together they are such a nice combination that sends men all over the world into daydreaming sessions.

The Guardian newspaper, UK, called them "are a girl duo who recognise that all the best disco records were sung by women, and they sing in the blank, distracted manner of all the finest disco divas".

I forgot asking the ladies a question that burnes in my sould, so maybe I do get an answer after that article. Whenever I google Fan Death there is this urban legend, originating in South Korea, coming up, that tells if an electric fan is left running overnight in a closed room it can cause the death of those inside.
I'd love to know if that was the basis of calling this band Fan Death? And why?

They're music is electrifying and acccording to Guardian "The best and the most authentic-sounding: they're not nu rave, or an indie-dance band, or a guitar group using a funk undercarriage. They've got the slightly wonky strings, elegant mid-tempo rhythms and female vocals of disco, recalling the music's golden age – ie. between the release of Donna Summer's Love To Love You Baby in 1975 and the ritual burning of disco records in that baseball stadium in Chicago that signalled the death of disco in 1979".

Their debut single "Veronica's Veil" was remixed by no one less but Glam Trash DJ Erol Alkan,w ho recognized the duo's talent and released it through his Phantasy label, and set off an A+R whirlwind. Having signed to the Pharmacy Recording Company, a new imprint of Universal Records they have released their debut album_ " A coin for the well", wich you can order on Amazon- link here - including the tracks 1. Reunited 2. Cannibal 3. Power Surge 4. Soon 5. The Son will Rise

Here's the beautiful video of Reunited:

Touring with bands such as "Hercules and Love Affair" or "Vampire weekend" shows us just how much they're on the way to become really big.

The other release that is out so far and containing a lot more of their song material is "Womb of dreams" is full of 12 new tracks and came out in August last year.

This include their debut single "Veronica's veil"- which is refers to the Catholic relic which, according to legend, belonged to Veronica from Jerusalem who encountered Jesus on the way to Calvary and wiped the sweat from his face, leaving an imprint of his image on her veil.
Here's the video:

Soon after our agreement I already spotted the first images of Fan Death performing in London- Dandi wearing a brilliant combination of sequined Hot Pants, Vintage boots, Pebelle tights and a wonderful Hippie style blouse- this style is so her's and I was happy how she pulled off those tights!

I am sure you know these images too well, they were already used as I posted about who did them, Mr. Richard Kelly. Find the post about him on here:


In the meantime I was pleased to recieve some nice home made images of the girl showing off her Pebelle leggings with their beloved animals- images I do love to recieve, as they're authentic and show how different a garment can look on each person all over the world..

Dandi, with her dog Edie:

And Marta (now dark) with her beloved cats Luna & River Phoenix:

Fan Death obviously have a homepage- it's worthing having a look on that page as it features two limited T-Shirts with photography by Dandi.
You can choose between these two designs:

So check them out- on www.fan-death.com

For more infos, listening or just to simply look at tour dates just go to their Myspace

I finish this one with another Guardian Quote: "File next to: Glass Candy, Baccara, Cerrone, Hercules & Love Affair."

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