Bowerbirds at the Donaufestival with Pebelle costume design

BOWERBIRDS performance by Marianne Vlaschits and Michael Bäckström
costumes by Pebelle

Donaufestival Krems- this THURSDAY 6pm-10 pm

This is going to be fun_ my most recent work is a pair of costumes for the BOWERBIRDS performance of two great artists!

This is going to be fun_ my most recent work is a pair of costumes for the BOWERBIRDS performance of two great artists!

Marianne Vlaschits, who walks between the discipline of installation, performance and painting, an emerging artist, coming from Austrias academy of fine arts and Michael Bäckström, artist from Sweden are going to present a joint performance
As part of a happening lasting several hours, Vlasitsch/Bäckström will see installations, sculptures, rituals and dances emerging, which, as they say themselves, can best be described as “shamanistic”. Similar to the mating behaviour of male power birds, which build complex nests to attract females, Vlasitsch and Bäckström will adapt themselves and their “nests” to the audience they want to attract.

The Bowerbirds
During mating season they show a unique courtship behaviour, the males builds a structure (BOWER) and decorates it with sticks and brightly coloured objects in an attempt to attract a mate.
The ladies decide which one's their favourite by comparing their architectural and performative skills whilst the males sing as good as they can. Accoring to the species the favored colours vary.
Males also try to attract a partner by squeezing berries and arranging them inside their "love cage".

Here's a bit of info from the Donaufestival's page:

The artistic networks of the donaufestival will be expanded this year with a happening and performance project. In collaboration with Wiener Art Foundation, different forms of action and representation of performative practices will be presented under the title of “Synaptic Driver”. In line with the festival’s motto, “Nodes, Roots and Shoots”, 12 contributions will examine the possibilities of experiencing performative works not as individually completed events, but as open, network-building forms of artistic expression.

The venue is the vacant, former electrical shop Elektro Gantner. It is located – only a few minutes from the festival’s main halls – on the edge of the Stadtpark. Visitors passing the exhibition space on their way to the concert halls are invited to drop in.

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