Here comes the Jamborines

The Jamborines

Settled within the beautiful french part of Switzerland the Jamborines have set sail to conquer the world- and with their ambition and coolness I'm sure they will find success.

Winning the Coca Cola Band Contest in Lausanne, Switzerland last year, these busy guys are in the process of throwing out there first album "Tales of broken afternoons".

I personally feel attached to this guys as we share a little history: we've both started at about the same time and the singer and I have exchanged our news about our ongoing "outcome" with our projects.

So somehow it wasn't far off that I have just recently produced a series of T-Shirts.
Here's glimpse on how they look like-

Apart from that a little video of one of their stage appearances:

If you want to get to know more of their music check their Myspace page of join the Facebook site.


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