Overdressed and Underfucked

You do sure remember her from one of my fellowship posts (La vita é bella).
Madame Serenissima, one of my biggest fans and rude girl of Viennese's party scene was seen last weekend with a very nice interpretation of Pebelle tights: she just chopped them off & used them with suspenders


The outfit just simply rocks- that's why it needs to be shown to all of you.

It also needs mentioning: Serenissima and her companions, George and Baron Mucki, are heads of a new party series that takes place in town: with the provocative title "Overdressed and Underfucked" they host a nice get-together with fun DJ_Lines every first Saturday of the month.
The location is Shelter.

You can either join their network on their facebook page or simply check out the next party on June 4th- one thing is for sure: you never know what's going to happen but you can be sure to hear the trashiest music and see the fanciest dress-ups in town.


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  1. Very Good Stuff you posted here.
    I´m going to check this out in June.
    Second Pic is ................BIG

    Greetings Marcin


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