The fellowship of Pebelle part IV: A cyber punk cabaret with Mary Ocher or Mary& the Baby Cheeses

Mary Ocher is a very talented musician from Berlin that I got to know two years ago.
I stumbled upon her band "Mary and the Baby Cheeses" online- it was the name that made me look at her page a bit further (and it made me smile ).
Last winter we met in Vienna, where she played a gig before touring to Prague. A relaxed lady with the most beautiful vintage leather jacket I ever saw, stood in front of me (or let's be honest: she was sitting, eating)- I really liked her from the beginning.
Not to mention that I am a fan of her music too.

My favourite song of Mary and the Baby Cheeses is: IN DRAG

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Mary's the busiest young musician I have seen- she plays a mere of likeof one gig and 3-4 DJsets a week, tours a lot (all self-organized) and is constantly on the go.
Her black/white Pebelle's were worn to death, which is surely a result of that lifestyle.

This her performing solo @Orange Ear and further down a bit more experimental at an older gig at the Kastanienkeller

Kill the messenger, por favor (one-shot)

Mary is URGENTLY searching for a new drummer right now, so if you play the specific instrument and live in Berlin get in touch with her.

Here are some upcoming events if you want to see her live:

January 5:

live Solo @Kohlenquelle, Berlin

January 6:

DJ Set @White Trash, Berlin

January 7:

DJ Set @XBar, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

January 12:

Live Solo @Knochenbox at Theater Kapelle, Friedrichshain, Berlin

January 14:

DJ Set @MonsterRonson, Friedrichshain, Berlin

January 16:

DJ Set @Ficken3000, Neu Koelln, Berlin

January 27:

Live Solo @ Dazzle, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

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