The fellowship of Pebelle part VII: Give me a white wall and I give you...Bears:The world of Yotto Bano

It's about time to introduce someone from my surrounding, there are many talented people in Vienna too and I won't miss out on presenting them.

My closest friend for a decade Yotto Bano can mostly be found travelling between Austria and Spain, with amarker or spraypaint in one hand and his skateboard in the other hand. And Barcelona is the city of his heart, there he found the perfect playground to combine his two biggest passions: graffity and bears. And created a niche discipline: the bear graffity.

A very appropriate comment about his work says that " his work is so cute you just want to hug the walls he's painted."

A recent project he did brought him to Vienna- the new store SAMSTAG (by the masterminds of superated) outer wall design- Together with austrian artist Andreas Pasqualini he turned the shop fassade into a tingling world of bears and roman gods, that made a lot of people walking past gasp. I have also witnessed cars slowing down, which is a bonus for the shopowners.

So, after this long ammount of time and creative exchange we have just decided to work on a project together- a collaboration of street and textile arts. And as you can see in his work gallery below, he's already got some experience with textiles anyway.
I will keep you posted on this.

Recently his work got published in the book "Hair", an anthology dedicated to the bearish aspects of visual art alongside with famous other artists of this genre, like Ralf König or Daniel Mainé!

If you wanna check out his blog just go to: http://ursulalala.blogspot.com

And here's a bit more of his art:

Fashion Laws- Leyes De La Moda

Forbidden Fruit- Fruita Prohibida

Magic Carpet Ride - La Alfombra Voladora

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