The fellowship of Pebelle part V: Sicilian multitalent Salvatore Viviano

If you meet him you don't know what to expect, but be assured: it's going to be fun.


© Maria Ziegelböck

Original from Palermo, Salvatore started his career in the captial of fashion: Paris, where he organized fashion shows and parties. Canal Plus invited him to present a TV Show as a "crazy journalist", which he did for a mere of 5 years.
Here's a bit of a glimpse of that time:

At this time he met the people from the notorios action artist's group Geltin and together with them he started performing, first at the Bienale in Venice in 2007- "the hamster's wheel"
Salvatore's second performance with Geltin was within a huge exhibit at the museum of modern art- you can see the poster for this exhibit above- it was banned by the council of Paris for beeing "a political and estetical non-sense"- so last but not least a year after he followed the Geltins to Vienna, their city of origin.

Since 2008 he's rocking our lovely city, 2008 with the first solo performance "obsesssion #1"-istening music and changing clothes: 2 everyday life's gesture (movement)
listening music and changing clothes everyday, to be in a good (or in a bad) mood and to be beautiful, sexy, or just not naked -this was his first apperance with Pebelle tights as well- as you can see here. He was there changing his clothes 24 hours, no matter when you turned up.

© Krzysztof Jeziorny / jeziorny.net


© Krzysztof Jeziorny / jeziorny.net


© Krzysztof Jeziorny / jeziorny.net

Other solo performances followed:
-Artissima / Torino, "all or the just, i 120 minuti di torino" (gelitin)
-Das Weisse Haus / Vienna, "privat konzert" (with delphine telesio)
-Vesch / Vienna, "ass projection" (solo performance)
-Pro-Choice Gallery / Vienna, "elektro fleischmann" (solo performance)
-Greene Naftali Gallery / New York, "the blind sculpture" (gelitin,
david lachapelle, tony conrad, piotr uklansky, casey spooner, rita
ackermann, gedi sibony, ...)

In 2010 he also performed and modeled at the Fashionweek Vienna, were Superated was showing his new collection along with Pebelle dye's.
Of course he was modelling my tights again, in a very lovely style- dressing men (an obession!) and eating a banana. But not at the same time.
If you follow the link you can check out the show: http://www.spykeheels.com/2010/09/30/superated-fashion-show-summer-2010-mq-vienna-fashion-week-2010/

©Michaela Amort

©Valerie Fuchs Valeruz

In the meantime he also kept Djing so if you ever hear of events with DJ SCHOKO ONO or DJ STAPLERFAHRER, keep an eye on the event, then it promises to be an entertaining evening.

Right now, Mr. Viviano is in Australia, Tasmania to be more concrete, where he will perform with Geltin again in the middle of January.
Where? Read this article:


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