The fellowship of Pebelle part VI: Fine, Finer, Finland. The home of Miikka Lommi & Kirsi Kissinger

At the beginning some personal rambling:
I still remember the day I recieved a mail from Miikka Lommi asking me to collaborate on a music video- I was just at the beginning of playing with Pebelle and felt really honoured.
A bit later a big parcel went to Finland- and after the shoot the items were already on sale in a shop in Helsinki. On the way back from the post office the stylist walked past Wundershop with my parcel in his hands. One thing led to another as it usual does.
Since then I'm in touch with Miikka and really hope to visit this lovely country myself one day, to finally meet him in person. My tights even dress one of his lovely children.

Mikka grew up with cameras in the 70's and did his first film at the fascinating age of 3(!) with his dad& brother. Guess the plot? Cowboys and Indians of course!
Doing lots of international music videos Mikka's now concentrating on art and fashion and also does commercials. Here's a fashion video Mikka did, that I love:

Caravan Diamond from miikka lommi on Vimeo.

Recently we worked on a nice project together and did a logo shoot for KennelHelsinki, the production company Miikka has. Sure you recognize one of the images from the Pebelle FB page. Well, here the KennelHelsinki initals, can u glimpse them?

I did the shoot in a collaboration with Emma Bell as you can see from some stylez.

If you want to check on more videos of Mikka's work (which you should), go to see his page on KennelHelsinki: http://www.kennelhelsinki.com/

The video "Anything u want" is by Kississings' voice Kirsi Kissinger and manages to reapeat constantly that she'll do "anything u want" through a whole music video- it provokes a lot of people, but is so much more than you can see. And although Kississings band page on Myspace describes it's sounds as "nonsense words flavoured with hot voice and broken English" it's causing Break YO TV to write a whole article about this song (and video)- naming " a carefully constructed anthem for female empowerment"*.
Here are a few more quotes worth putting them down on here:
"the key to unlocking the profound lyrics are found in the three times she sneaks in this gem:

I do anything I want (x3)
And it has nothing to do with you”

And judging by this cinematic masterpiece, all a gal really wants to do is throw on a pair of tie-dyed legging and a crocheted bodysuit and get together with a few of her best friends to air hump across her apartment. Take that, boys."

"Check it out for yourself if you’re ready to feel confused, empowered, violated, and maybe even a little turned on"

There's not much more to say, see yourself:

Kississings - Anything U Want from miikka lommi on Vimeo.

Kirsi and Miikka have met whilst doing a Maximus vodka commercial together, that even won a national price- and have been speaking about doing a music video together.

"Anything u want" is the result- and the only video that's been done so far.

Kirsi's history is a cool one, she went to a Karaoke club in London, where friends insisted on her singing a Blondie song- Heart of Glass. A music producer in the club liked her performance and as we had it before: one thing led to another. Since then Kississings was already working with electro music producers from Miami, NYC, Paris, Berlin, London, Helsinki....

Here's one more song I really like & the link to her Myspace music page:

Finde weitere Künstler wie Kississings bei Myspace Musik

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